Massage and Bodywork

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Therapeutic: 60 minutes
a perfect blend of medium pressure techniques, catered to your body’s needs.  Intended for the client to receive exactly the massage you prefer.

Sports: 60 minutes
Intended for the most active individuals that have particular muscles and parts of the body that need extra invigorating work.  Medium to deep pressure applied.

Deep Tissue: 60 minutes
Deep Tissue massage allows your therapist to peel away each layer of fascia slowly and specifically revealing the tensest areas in your body.   Recommended for those who have a history of receiving body work.

Expecting Mothers Massage:  60 minutes
A delicate time in a woman’s life, pregnancy can cause many different sensations in the body receiving a massage during the nine months of transition can be extremely beneficial and relaxing for mom and baby.

Balancing Hot Stone Massage:    60 minutes
Drawing on the ancient Native American tradition, basalt lava stones are used to promote relaxation, increased circulation, and to balance the body mind and spirit.

Reflexology:  30 minutes
The belief in reflexology is that the entire body is mapped out on the bottom of the foot. This means that reflexology is a way to receive a full body massage through your soles. Regardless of you belief, a deep foot massage is the perfect cure for any ailments you may be having at the present moment.  A warm damp towel around each foot completes this treatment.

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