Jill Pitt, Lmt, AE

JillPittI have been a certified and licensed massage therapist since 2005.  Massage has been something that has helped me deal with chronic pain since the age of 8. I have always wanted to be a massage therapist so that I can help others manage their pain and live a healthy, active life!

I moved to Crested Butte in 2007 and have loved every minute of it! I decided to further my career by attending esthetician school in Salt Lake City for a year to become an esthetician and help my clients in another way through skincare.

With skincare my goal is to identify and understand your facial care needs and meet them through a variety of customized and personalized treatments. I am a licensed esthetician with more than 6 years experience.  I use only the top of the line professional facial care products and equipment.  Your face will feel rejuvenated, hydrated, relaxed and smooth. Your skin is my dedication!


Jill Pitt



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